Vibrant, refreshing, healthy

Blend, a “Fast” Superfood Café is a collaboration of two local business owners and residents of Clinton.
[chow] Food and Beverage owner Jeff Mastroianni and Westbrook CrossFit owner Connor Page have come together to create a vibrant, refreshing, healthy food and beverage café.


Superfoods are a source of antioxidants containing high levels of much-needed vitamins and minerals. These substances such as Acai berries, Cacao, Hemp seeds, Maca powder, and Chia seeds, shield our bodies from cell damage and help prevent disease.


Blend will offer breakfast and lunch menus including sandwiches, warm bowls, Acai bowls, and salads. Beverages will include kombucha, cold brew, and nitro brew, all on tap. Food and beverages will be sourced from local businesses such as Cohen’s Bagel Company, Willoughby’s Coffee of Madison and [chow] Food and Beverage of Clinton.


For Connor a healthy lifestyle and a passion for coffee are a way of life, so Blend is a natural fit.
Jeff a more BBQ, Craft Pizza, Craft Beer and Bourbon kind of guy was influenced by his nineteen-year-old daughter Neena. After being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at the age of fifteen, Neena changed her diet and began researching superfoods and the health benefits they provide. Happy to say Neena is healthy and soon to be employed full time at Blend, with an eagerness to share her favorite recipes with the shoreline.


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Connor, Jeff & the Blend Crew



25 E Main St,

Clinton, CT 06413


Tel: 860-552-4163







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